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LOL the "new" LiveJournal video - jjr1993p2
LOL the "new" LiveJournal video
Yes, no doubt, one of LiveJournal's more attractive features is it's still a place where I can just VENT, just write what I need to write semi-public but out of the view of friends, family, co-workers, etc., i.e. NOT on FACEBOOK. The pitch is basically "Come (back) to us! We're so old and obscure, nobody's gonna follow you here! and we don't suck as much as the 'new' MySpace! Plus we're REALLY BIG in Russia for some reason."

LOL. Anyway, I'm glad I still have this LiveJournal, even though I seldom update it. I'm glad I remember I still have it, it's a refuge away from Facebook. I do still have a MySpace, but I haven't used it in forever, and since their last major overhaul, I don't even understand how that site works anymore. Hence, I'm here.

I'm looking forward to Anime Matsuri 2015, today is the first day of the con, picked up and paid for my all-con badge yesterday afternoon, taking a day off work to do so.

I'm gonna head over after lunch and hope that parking doesn't suck too terribly much.

Not much else to report. Life is what it is. Still single, still working the same job. It's alright. Things are good, more or less.

This is Autism Awareness month. Yes, I'm still aware that I'm autistic (Asperger's). I'm not a fan of Autism $peaks, they're hella problematic. I support ASAN. Awareness is not enough, acceptance is the goal. Peace!
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