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jjr1993p2's Journal

gainfully employed library worker at a county-level public library system in SE Texas.
1993, 2nd amendment, 9/11 skepticism, aa, aggies, alternative information, alternative news, alternative views, anarchism, anarchist librarians, anime, anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, arts, artsy cinema, atheism, australia, bill bryson, bill of rights, books, buddhism, bulgaria, can't stop the signal, canada, cataloging, cia, cinema, classification, collection development work, cpusa, current events, democracy, demos, e-books, eastern, economic democracy, economic justice, enlightenment, europe, fantasy, firefly, foreign films, foreign languages, foreign travel, france, freethought, french, german, germany, global warming, gorram, green party, guns, gunsmithing, history, houston, ils, inconvenient truths, info-shop, intellectual freedom, ireland, jfk, left, librarianship, lis, literature, lots of guns, marxist, michael parenti, mlk, movies, music, mutual aid, new zealand, noam chomsky, nonfiction, nsa, off the grid, peace, peak oil, photography, plg, political economy, populism, power down, quebec, question authority, radical democracy, reading, reference librarian, reference work, research, resistance, resource wars, rfk, rice, rice university, rr, russian, scotland, secular humanism, self-reliance, serenity, shiny, sks, slis, sobriety, social justice, socialism, socialist party, spanish, srrt, stream-of-consciousness, study abroad, survivalism, tamu, target shooting, texas, texas a&m, the matrix, thoreau, travel writing, traveling, ubl, uh, uk, unitarian universalism, unt, usb, uu, video games, wasr-10, western, whoop, writing, yugoslavia