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A little rant about local politics - jjr1993p2
A little rant about local politics
Because I am a Lefty-liberal Democrat who happens to live in Fort Bend County, Texas, which has open primaries, I have the moral dilemma that I can do more good by voting in the GOP Primaries and seeking to make the local GOP less bad than I can voting in the Democratic Primary which has fewer contested races overall.

This makes me, in technical terms, a "Registered Republican", but if so I'm by far the worst Republican in the County because come General Election day I'd vote for a ham sandwich over a Republican if it has a "D" next to its name. I'll even hold my nose and vote Libertarian if there's no Democrat running in an "R" versus "L" race.
The only "Democrat" I won't vote for locally is Keisha Rogers, who is loopier than fruit loops as a open Lyndon LaRouche devotee.

Anyway, did some research on the GOP contenders and made my selections based on how secular & technocratic their views were, and their overall practical work/life experience that would be applicable to the job they're seeking. I'm not amused by Ag or Rail commissioner wannabes who go out of their way on their campaign websites to tell me how "Pro-Life" they are. That job has f*ck all to do with abortion, why should anyone care!? But those are the times we live in. Thus, the candidates who ARE getting my votes in the GOP primary are those who were able to resist mentioning abortion politics or Jesus or God. Those who focused on their qualifications and their plans for action once elected were the men & women I will deign to vote for to run against whomever the Democrats field. I will still vote for the Democrat on General Election Day, nearly without fail. But I want the local GOP to field the best, least crazy people on their side, too. I want both parties to move towards more secular, more rational governance.

And I'm posting this here on LiveJournal rather than Facebook because I don't want to ignite a shitstorm over there. Not least because a High School classmate of mine is running for office...and I had planned on voting for him. But upon reviewing his campaign website and his opponents' website, not only is his opponent more secular minded, he's far more experienced for the job. I cannot in good conscience vote for my classmate in this instance. He's just a little too obviously religiously indoctrinated and therefore not somebody I want on a judicial bench rendering potentially flawed decisions based on deeply personal religious convictions. I don't mind it if a candidate identifies himself as a member of such-and-such church, blah blah. But to go on at length about one's relationship with Jesus, etc? That's taking it too far, and I just can't vote for you as a secular humanist and atheist.

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